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Feature Rules


Feature Rules

Feature Rules allow you to transform a feature of your website, replacing it with a transformation set up in the Zephr Admin console.

There are two different Feature Rule Types – HTML and JSON.

HTML Feature Rules work by creating site features – parts of an HTML document, such as an article body, video, image, or data table on your website. Each feature is wrapped with Zephr tags. When wrapped in these tags and served via the Zephr CDN, we are able to transform these features, removing them or replacing them with new user journeys, such a registration walls, paywalls, and special offers.

JSON Feature Rules require you to set up a source JSON object in your origin which lists the features available for transformation. Each request to the Zephr decision engine transforms this document, replacing the objects with a “featureId” key with the result of Rule configured to match that the “featureId” value.

Your Zephr Feature Rules allow you to set when these transformations take place, and who they take place for. The possibilities are vast, can be constructed in a matter of minutes, and are published to your production site at the click of a button.

For more information, click through to our Feature Rule guides below: